Damages and extra costs

The Damage Deposit is for security and it is refundable, that means that you can have this amount back, just using your good manners and follow our departure checklist.
If the appartment appears dirty or damaged upon Check-in, you should inform us immediately..

Here’s how it works:

  • At the check-in you will be asked to pay a damage deposit of 100 €.
  • We will hold the damage deposit while you are on vacation.
  • At the check-out, we will inspect the apartament together with you and you will be refund, unless there are any issues.

You should report to us any damage to furniture or fittings immediately. We should then both agree how any replacement or repair is to be arranged and how payment will be made.

If you do not tell us about the damage and replace or repair an item without our agreement, then we will be able to identify this when we check the house inventory.

We can use the deposit to claim back the costs of damage, but note that the rest will be returned.

If damages exceed the amount of the security deposit, we will evaluate such damages together with you and find an agreement for the extra costs.


You are responsible for any damages or theft. You may be charged for such things as: abuse, damage above normal wear and tear, garbage left at home, theft, long-distance telephone charges and extra cleaning costs.

The Apartment Grozdanić has a BBQ in the backyard. Please note that damage caused by careless fires will be you responsibility.


  • 50 € charge for trash left at the property or if any trash is scattered on the property.
  • 10 € charge for keys not returned.
  • 50 € charge for clean-up if excessive cigarette butts are found outside the property.
  • Actions that result in a call or visit from the Police are subject to a € 300 fine.


Thank you for your understanding.



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