Come to Montenegro in the beginning of January and discover the local traditions.

Tivat, winter 2017

Did you know..?

Montenegro honours the Orthodox traditions, so Christmas Eve is on January 6 and Christmas day is on January 7. Furthermore, January 14 is celebrated as the start of the New Year by the Julian calendar.


Why is that interested for tourists? What is going on in these days?

On the morning of Christmas Eve, called Badnji dan, you might see early birds people walking around with branches, as the tradition wants that father and sons rise on dawn and go to collect a young oak called the Badnjak (Christmas Eve tree), preferably directly cut from the forest, although nowadays people just buy it.

After the sunset, on the Badnje veče, you can attend large bonfires outside churches where oak branches and Badnjak are burnt like Yule Log.

During this day you should avoid to eat meat, as it is a day of feast.


Church bells and celebratory gunfires welcome the sunrise of Božić, Christmas Day.

The first person to enter a house on Christmas Day is called a polaznik ( usually a little boy), who brings luck to the house and family.


At Christmas a special kind of bread is eaten. It’s called Česnica and is made in a round shape. Each member of the family gets a piece (and the house does too). There is a coin hidden in it and whoever gets the coin will be particularly fortunate in the next year!
You can find the recipe here

Other popular Christmas dishes include Pečenica (roast pork), Sarma (cabbage stuffed with rice and ground meat) and lots of cakes!

Sarma recipe

If you want to wish Merry Christmas, you can say Srećan Božić, but usually people adopt the form Hristos se rodi (Christ is born ), and reply Vaistinu se rodi (truly born). If you want to wish Happy holidays!, you can say Srećni božićni praznici!

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