8th of March 2017 in Tivat – 5 great ways to make your International Women’s Day especially womanly


Ideally, we all should take time to focus on the necessary activism to overcome the gender gap and raise awareness of the challenges and struggles faced by women all around the world. We all should, at least today, empathize with them.

It may seem like the real problem is out there, in some parts of the world where women are still forced to deal with shocking inequality on a daily basis, but every woman, everyday, has a lot to deal with and to fight for. You may not pay attention to, but the gender bias persists and it is frustrating. Some examples of discrimination are the discrepancy in standards and factors that influence and define a woman’s reputation, how difficult is for women to balance career ambition and family life, how is taken from granted that woman have to take over all the unwanted family chores, and so on.
In occasion of the International Women’s Day 2017, take time to celebrate the hard work made by previous generations and support the efforts of the current one, starting with showing off some love and respect to all the women in your lives and recognizing their value.


There are so many different ways to honor this holiday,  so the real question is, how will you?


1. What could be better than celebrating the International Women’s Day combining the pleasure of a girls’ only short trip with charitable giving?

LADIES, gather your friends (up to 7) and enjoy an overnight in Tivat on March 8 – lodging at the Apartment Grozdanić*.
1 night for 94 €
2 nights for 170 €
3 nights for 250 €
4 nights for 330 €
(cleaning fee included)

We are going to make a donation of 50% percent of our direct booking revenue from March 6-12 to WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts).


* You can inquire about the availability and make a reservation by regular phone at +382 (0)68 55 47 97 (from 9am to 9 pm, local time) or Istant Messaging, such as Fb Messanger or Viber at +382 (0)68 55 47 97.

2. Indulge in a day’s worth of self care.

Kick back and read a good book, unplug listening to music, take a walk on the seaside or spoil yourself with a beauty treatment. Whatever this means to you, put yourself first.

Our choice: Treat yourself with a Spa Experience at Pura Vida Spa, Porto Montenegro, Tivat – info at +382 (0)63 240 202.

3. Embrace the color purple.

This is the official color of International Women’s Day, since in the early 1900s, purple was closely associated with the women’s suffrage movement, symbolizing both dignity and justice.

Our choice: What a better occasion to show off a new look with a purple makeup? Hire a makeup artist to do your purple makeup on the 8th of March.

4. Get a Well Deserved Night Out.

Ladies, this day is all about you!
Plan an evening for yourself. Indulge in pleasant conversations, wear something that make you feel great and have fun.

How can you best mark the occasion?

Here are our picks for a women-centric night out in Tivat on March 8 2017

Please note: This is just a selection of events taking place this evening. If we have missed out any, please feel free to add them into the comment section underneath.

– Experience some great Live Entertainment at the Centar za Kulturu, Tivat, with a black comedy that look at the issues that matter to women today. -“RUČNI RAD” – 8 pm, Velika Sala (info at 069 342 799)


– Enjoy Live Music with local band at the Black Sheep Gastropub, Tivat – from 7pm (3 courses fish/meat menu for 12.5 € and welcome cocktail for ladies)

– Take the stage and sing Karaoke at Clubhouse Porto Montenegro, Tivat – from 9 pm ( free drinks for ladies)

– Dine with Pizza and Wine or taste some Mediterranean Cuisine in the chilly atmosphere Al Posto Giusto, Porto Montenegro, Tivat.

– Spend a classy evening at Regent Porto Montenegro, Tivat– from 7 pm (25 €: classic concert and cocktail party)

5. Think about your dreams and ambitions.

Write a special diary entry for celebrating your own achievements as a woman and update the status of the progress you have made on your personal fight for gender equality, embody the spirit of your idols and #BeBoldForChange.

Happy IWD!


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