Beach season starts in May and last until September/October.
The municipality of Tivat offers over 31 000 square meters of sandy and stony beaches. But within 30 km you can explore more places suitable for swimming.

List of beaches by distance from the Apartment Grozdanic

Župa Beach, Tivat 

400 m – free stony beach

It hosts the Wakeboarding park – Action Beach ( water sports)

Belani Beach, Tivat

 400 m – stony pebbly beach

City Beaches Tivat

from 800 m – stony beaches and piers

Town Beaches are long concrete platform with pebbly section right by the main promenade.

Kalardovo Beach, behind Tivat’s airport

3.8 km  – plebbly and free stony/sandy beach with kids playground, bar and restaurant

Ponta Selijanovo, Tivat 

3 km – plebby stony beach with bar, fast food and massages on the beach

Waikiki beach, Tivat

3 km – plebby stony / sandy beach with kids playground, bar and restaurant 

Movida, Solila Bay (Tivat)

8 km – plebby stony / sandy beach with bar and restaurant 

Almara Beach Oblatno Tivat

14 km – plebby stony / sandy beach with bar, restaurant and evening events

Almara Beach Club - Oblatno Tivat
Price Range $$ / Parking Lot / Good For Groups / Good For Kids / Evening events / Cuisine: greek and mediterranean, italian and seafood


Plavi Horizonti (Tivat)

18 km- plebby and pubblic sandy beach

Žanice Beach

Ribarsko Selo, Žanice (Tivat)

28 km ) – stony beach

Jaz ( with several activities and playground) Budva ( 28 km ) – sandy beach

Ploće ( with several activities, pools, and playground) Budva ( 30 km ) – stony beach

More Beaches across Budva, Bećići, Bar, Ulcinji and Ada Bojana.- stony/sandy beach